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I have been so broke of late it isn't funny. Note to my friends overseas: this is likely to hamper my travel plans in the short term :-)

Last week evildoom_bunny and I were living on leftovers and about $46. I was counting my change - it was incredible. No, it was painful.

The annoying thing is I can't adequately explain were all my cash went. Possibly the huge electricity bill... And then there was the phone bill... And the rent. Then the unexpected trip out to Bairnsdale. The train is $86 per person return...

Anyway, this month I swear I won't:
a) Buy any CD's (except for the one going for 1 US cent on Ebay)
b) Purchase any tickets to theatre events (apart from the two tickets to Keating!)
c) Buy any computer crap (except for the DVD burner and the Bluetooth dongle)
d) Acquire any more books (apart from that one going for $4 on ebay, somewhere in Queensland)
e) Go out to excess (except tonight, tomorrow night, next Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday)
f) Go to any gigs (excluding of course Bob Log III the weekend after this one)
g) Eat out (apart from tonight :-)

Fark. I think I see the problem here! :-)

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Doesn't it shit you when you actually look back to where the money went? So frustrating!!

Well, yes and no. It shits me more that I have the same revelation every month, and yet, every month I do the same damn thing. And end up having to live off leftovers... *slaps head*

Being broke isn't good. Maybe you need to go to a repairperson or mechanic or something. *shot*

*boom tish*

I sometimes think that a spanner to the brain might actually be a big help...

You need some sort of SAVING PLAN (instead of not-spending-money-this-month-on-X plan). You only have about 18 months left to visit me in London! Just think how many galleries we can go to. Z

Yes, I would agree!!!!!!!!! *hint* !!!! *HINT*

Oy! Hello! Pot calling the kettle black??? Who had to bail you out on ebay today when you won that watch that it turned out you couldn't afford?????????

Meany, I offered for you to pay only half! :D

Hello Zoya! *waves*
I am actually saving money, kinda. This is partly why I keep running out o' cash later in the month - because I'm popping some of it away. This is a new and interesting experience for me... I mean, leaving it in the savings account, even when some ace band is coming out and I need to see them :-)

Seeing all of us in London would be more fun (me thinks) :-) I'm sure Anya will volunteer to look after your cat :-D. Z

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