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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Goodbye Livejournal......
Drawing of a trike
So, it's been a while. Looks like my first entry on was on July 26th of 2005. (Which I can barely look at - it's entirely about my then-girlfriend, a very unsuitable lass some 11 years my junior...)

But... The time has come to leave.

Livejournal's gotten quiet of late. When I say "of late" I mean since about 2010. LJ pre-dates such notable sites as Facebook and Twitter, and they have largely usurped all the things that made livejournal interesting, and pretty much killed blogging.

LJ was the one of the first sites that encouraged connections between people and encouraged updates on what you were up to. Now I can do that ten times a minute with Twitter. And slowly all the people I knew on here either stopped blogging, or moved to different blogging sites, or simply disappeared from the online world entirely. I can't even remember their usernames now, let alone their real names.

And I'm to blame too. I used to blog here every few days, now it's maybe a few times a year. I tried starting several other blogs, but between working full time, having a four year old son and trying to get some exercise, I don't have a whole lot of spare time.

But I resisted moving from LJ for many years, as people migrated to wordpress and Dreamwidth. Mostly because I'm actually something of a software and platform Luddite (which is funny because I'm a software engineer), I still use Winamp for example. If I find a think I like, I tend to stick to it till well after it is no longer supported.

I stuck to Livejournal even when it was bought out by Russians - which made sense as a business deal since there was a lot of Russians on here. I stuck around even as Livejournal became something of a wasteland.

But then.... There were stories that the site's servers had been moved to Russia, which doesn't bode well if you don't want people going through all your data. And then... There was the TOS. Russia has imposed some draconian laws on it's bloggers and online sites, banning discussion of politics and all things LBGTI. I can't in good conscience support or use a site that does that....

So from here on, I'll be on Dreamwidth. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Goodbye Livejournal, it's been an interesting ride.