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Belated Blogging: Seeing The Loudest Band on Earth
Once again I find myself blogging about events that happened nigh on a year ago. I know it was nigh on a year ago because it was the day after I got my EN logo tattoo, and that was... getting on for a year ago.

The loudest band in the world is Sunn O))). The O))) is of course silent, so their name is pronounced "Sun". The origin of their name is lost in the mists of time is because they're fond of a brand of amplifiers called Sunn, whose logo was placed next to the name and looked a bit like an O witht three brackets.

I digress.

Sunn O))) are the loudest band in the world. And not just in a the way The Who once had 50,000 watts of amplification. Or The Grateful Dead's Wall Of Sound.

Crikey that's a lot of speakers...

No, all the above bands are rock bands who happen to play very fucking loud. For Sunn O))), loud is their modus operandi, it's the reason they play, it's an essential part of the band. They're more like the band Disaster Area from the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

They're so loud they don't need to turn on the PA at they venues they play at. They're so loud they hand out free ear plugs to audience members.

On top of which, they usually pump enormous quantities of smoke into the venue, and dress in druid outfits... Then play songs that go for upwards of twenty five minutes each.

An actual shot of the band playing.

I saw them in March of 2016, in a basement venue called Max Watts. I was unfamiliar with the venue until I realised it was the HiFi Bar, renamed. I spent a lot of time in that dive, mostly seeing TISM.

The building shook. Dust and old confetti worked loose from the ceiling and drifted down on the crowd.

They're the kind of band whose songs you can feel in your chest cavity. I swear a number of audience members had some kind of spiritual experience.

Lift me, Stephen O'Malley!

Sunn O))) are like music boiled down to its essence. No attempts at rhythm, no drums and few vocals. And those only screamed. Except for one notable, very strange song with Julian Cope. I enjoyed them from well at the back with industrial earplugs in my ears!

Anyway, here's a concert to give it a listen, turn it up loud:

This almost melted my laptop...


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