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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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No more music stores...
Drawing of a trike

Spent the day in the centre on Melbourne.

Was here a few weeks back, making my last visit to my fave music store, Peril Underground. Which I'd been visiting for 25 years, in three separate locations. Their last day was Saturday 22nd October.

So today I thought I'd visit some of my other old favourite stores. And woe is me...

Missing Link, known for its stock of Punk, some time ago joined forces with Collectors Corner, a quality second-hand store. According to their website their location was above a optician on Bourke Street... but no, it was long empty. Poking around their site I realized that was their store now.Next I went looking for Discurio, a place that specialized in jazz and the like. I wandered to where I remembered it to be, only to find a number of trendy eateries. Googled to see if I had the right address. I gig, but Google warned me it might be permanently closed. Their URL returns only a default page now...

Basement Discs is still there at least. But I couldn't find anything I wanted in their meager stock.

Also the city branch of Polyester Records isn't where it used to be, and I assume is also gone.

Au Go Go went belly up ages ago. Ditto Gaslight Records.

The dumb thing, this is partly my fault. These places could well have been closed for years and I only just found out. I don't haunt the city like I did as a student at RMIT, and I mostly buy my music online these days. Mostly? Exclusively. I might buy one physical CD from a physical store once a year. Looks like it'll be even rarer now.

Why does it matter? One thing about sorting through racks of CDs is the randomness. Many times I've found music that wasn't the music I was looking for, but has been really good. No more serendipitous discoveries for me...