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The Sad Deminse of Many A Blog
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
OK, so I'm late to the party on this one.


(Ha. Just found xkcd's LJ. It's got one entry from 2006...)

I've been bloggin' on and off since about 2003, and I still dislike the neologism "blogging". Been on Livejournal for a significant amount of that time. And I've heard often times about how Livejournal is not what it was, thanks largely to the rise of Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes in a one-for-one fashion, for example overheardinmelb became Overheard in Melbourne.

My friends feed on here has become fairly anaemic of late, aside from a few die hards.... And George RR Martin! grrm. I'm guilty too of course. I posted four times in 2015.

The dumb thing is I have two other blogs. One of them I've posted to less often than I've renewed it's domain name.

But the demise of Blogging on here and in general, and amongst my friends, was brought home to my by my bookmarks. I've had the same set of Firefox bookmarks since, well, I suspect that some of them actually date from when I used Netscape. Of late out of morbid curiosity I've started looking up some of my old bookmarks to see how many of them are still there. Long story short - not many. Entire domains have disappeared, URLs are dead, there's basically a lot of link rot going on.

Last night I started going through all my bookmarks in my "blogs" folder. Oh, what a tale of woe... About 50% were missing entirely, either directing to a Blogger or Wordpress page saying "This ain't here sorry" or again the domain itself had vanished entirely. And of those that were there, all bar a couple of them hadn't been updated in years, some not since 2010. I think we can declare the age of blogging is over.... Yet I will post here more, and will revive my other blogs. This time I mean it!

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I'm mostly here on LJ to follow @ohnotheydidnt ;-)

My main feed-reader, Feedly, has seen a lot of people dump their previous blogs for Tumblrs. Which is a pain, because they mostly just reblog fandom stuff I don't care about.

I still occasionally blog, but instagram is definitely taking over - so much easier just to snap a photo (ok, it takes me around 20 minutes to get them right), post it and get instant gratification from likes. Zoya

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