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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Confessions of a Closet Sports Aficionado
Dancing Kitty
Yes, I confess, there is one sport in the world that I follow. And it's not, as you might have expected, Curling or the always exciting Cheese Rolling. No the one sport I follow is the completely mis-named National Football League. In an entire game, the ball might come into contact with a boot as little as six or so times, unlike say every other sport with the name football in its name!

I've been following it long enough to have followed almost the entire career of certain players, from drafting to retirement - Randy Moss for example. But I watch it so haphazardly that I can go entire seasons and see maybe two whole games. They're on at stupid times of day for my time zone, early on a Sunday or mid Monday morning. I usually seem more of the playoffs, which is greatly aided by some dedicated fan(s) who keep that Wikipedia page up to date in almost real time! It gets confusing when you see a team play for the first time in two years, and find yourself wondered "where is whathisname?" and "Didn't they used to have blue uniforms?" and "Oh, that guy is playing for them now"... Which happened when Randy Moss turned up on the 49ers team.

I sort-of follow a couple of teams, notably the Green Bay Packers. They appeal to me because they have a long long history, they're named that way because of early sponsorship by a meat packing firm, and they're the only team who are actually owned by their fans. There's something like a thirty-year wait for season tickets to their stadium, in a tiny town in Wisconsin. So close to Canada that it gets mighty cold there. They've also been a very successful team over the years, they won a superbowl as recently as 2011.

But mostly I follow some players. Some of my current favourites are Kyle Vanden Bosch, a defensive player who, well, look at this picture:

He wears red contact lenses. Imagine seeing this 126 kilo, 193 cm tall guy staring at you with those eyes... I'd shit my pants!

Other players I like, who are still playing: Clay Matthews, who is from a family of famed NFL players. BJ Raji, another huge defensive player.

Anyway, the superbowl is on on Monday 4th of February our time, and I'm at home on paternity leave. There's a chance I might actually get to watch it!