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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Weird Freakin' Dreams
Agent Smith
Not sure if it's the new baby, but I've been having weird freaky dreams lately.

I dreamed that I was at a friend's mother's house, which was painted a deep grey blue. And turned out to be a doctors office as well - so her living room was always full of waiting patients. The place backed onto a very cement primary school yard, and then the ocean. A typhoon welled up and washed us all out of her living room and out to sea. My partner Deb and I were separated, but then reunited by our friend Elvira with the use of her time machine! Which was shaped like a medium sized glowing box....

Then I dreamed that Game of Thrones was set in a weird medieval version of Australia, which was spelled in some funky way with lots of E's, something like Austreleum. Can't remember much about this dream, except that somehow there was a huge modern city behind one of the castles, as if the medieval world was happening in parallel with the modern world - a bit like the Amish. Someone was trying to burn the city and the castle down with some intense magic fire. But someone on our side managed to put it out with something called "Combat rain"!!!

Later I had a dream involving Jeffrey Dahmer which I don't care to remember :-/