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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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What Is Up With all the Bands Touring here early next year?
Stooges Bass
There seems to be a whole whack of big, dare I say, dinosaur bands touring here to Australia next year. So far I've seen posters for Kiss supported by Mötley Crüe (note Heavy Metal Umlats) and I believe Thin Lizzy. How the hell is Thin Lizzy still performing given that lead singer, bass player and founder Phil Lynott has been dead since 1986?

Also seen on various posters - Neil Young and Crazy Horse, George Clinton and P-Funk. Also Black Sabbath, with what appears to be their original line-up, well, at least Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Tommy Iommi are in the band.

And Bruce Springsteen and indeed Iggy and the Stooges. Oh, and Blondie supported by, of all bands, the Stranglers and Australian legends The Saints. I'd go see that gig for the support acts!

The 1970's called, they want their music back.

The thing is, I'd like to see some of these gigs - Iggy at least - but what else is happening early next year? We're having a baby in early February, which will make late night rock gigs a bit of a problem for at least the first half of next year!

Almost forgot to mention, Deb and my favourite artist of the moment, Amanda Palmer is scheduled to play on our baby's due date. Actually, I should say "was scheduled", looks like she's moved the dates back because one of her good friends is very sick. Deb was seriously talking about going to the gig, and hoping that the music might bring on labour!

EN Logo
And last but not least, a band I have been buying CD's by since 1990, a band who's logo I am seriously considering for my next tattoo, Einstürzende Neubauten are going to be here in mid February. I have never seen them live, damn it!

My theory for the reason that there's such an influx of huge bands? The strong Australian dollar, and Australia having one of the few economies in the world that's not cactus. These gigs will all sell out for sure, and Ozzy can buy himself a few more tons of whatever drug he's doing these days, and Iggy can play all the rounds of golf he wants...!

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Heh. I once considered getting the Einstürzende Neubauten logo as a tattoo (c1992, iirc). Not wanting to just get it for the sake of it however, I posted to usenet to see if anyone knew what the logo represented.

The best response was that it was indication that the band was secretly The Residents.

Never did get the tattoo...

I've heard that it's an ancient piece of cave art they co-opted as their logo, but that could be made up.

Also, do a google image search for EN tattoos, there are literally thousands. Even Henry Rollin's has one.

Wikipedia tells all!


(Even with a reference to The Residents!)

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