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A Rambling And Incoherent Blog Entry of No Consequence
Badtz Maru 2
I was MC at a wedding a few weeks back. That was fun! I equipped myself with a whistle so I could get everyone's attention - highly recommended if you're every called upon to MC.

I have an exam Friday week, on the 9th. The topic: Advanced Project Management. I'd quote you some of the delightful phrases from it, but I can't remember any. I will point you in the direction of my previous entry on the subject.

I competed in a humorous speaking on the weekend. My speech was well structured, but didn't get enough laughs. I didn't place. Then I went to a Goth wedding in a basement!

You could tell it was a Goth wedding because the cake was bleeding:

Speaking of weddings, I'm getting married in 16 days. I know it's 16 days, because I have a clock on my computer which is counting down. I can tell you to the second!

I ordered a great suit online, but I think I must have given them the wrong measurements! It's like a tent on me! I'm going to try and get it altered, but I suspect that might be like creating a suite from scratch.

Or I could just pretend I'm trying to look like David Byrne in his big suit!
Big Suit

Everything should settle down after the wedding... when we can really get into the task of preparing for the arrival of the baby!


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