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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Studying can be weird sometimes
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
I suppose it serves me right, I did sign up to do an MBA. I'm doing subject six of twelve in total before I get the damn thing.

This semester's subject: 501 - Advanced Project Management. Gah. On the upside, if I do this subject I can get an Diploma of Project Management, and get off the Software Development treadmill.

This subject suffers heavily from jargon and TLAs (three letter acronyms). I really struggle some days to stay awake reading the subject notes.

Here's the worst example so far. This is the title of a reading from topic 7:


What the fuck, I ask you is a "Constructively Simple Approach"? I can tell you now, after reading this paper, I'm still not sure. Here's a gem of a paragraph from it:

Failure to recognise the significance of ambiguity is also reinforced by a reluctance to take subjective probabilities to their logical conclusion and adopt a pragmatic framework which emphasises the importance of being approximately right in terms of a broad view of the right question. Being precisely wrong in the sense of having a precisely correct answer to the wrong question is a standing joke, but there are clear cultural pressures within organisations driving many people in this direction. These cultural pressures, including a hard science view of objective data and models, need to be recognised and managed if the effectiveness and efficiency of estimation and evaluation processes are to be improved. The constructively simple approach is designed to neutralise these pressures in the context of a direct focus on process effectiveness and efficiency.

133 words, four full stops... I pretty much gave up reading this after wading through this paragraph. I think the whole paper was trying to say that people give estimates which are biased based on preconceived notions and cultural norms, and to watch out for this. Which, you know, I already did...

Exam in a few short weeks, I keep telling myself!

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Subtly teaching you business-wank-speak. :)

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