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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Fonts, Shoes and Washing Machines
Badtz Maru
Three things I'm unreasonably excited about: a Font, a new pair of shoes and a washing machine!

Firstly, I stumbled across a new font a week or so back: Source Code Pro, a free font made by Adobe, specifically for software engineers and other computing professionals. It's a mono-spaced, sans-serif font where easily confused characters all have a distinct appearance.
Font example
I'm using it everywhere, in Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, in all my command lines, and even in Winamp. I love it!

Get it from the Source Code Pro page of Source Forge.

Secondly, I've been hunting for months for a new pair of shoes, specifically for bike riding, but also to wear regularly. I needed them to be somewhere between a sneaker and a boot, with quite a stiff sole. And a I finally found them in a Kathmandu in the city, but they didn't have them in my size. But of course, anything can be had online:
A freakin' shoe
That is, of course, a Five-Ten Stealth Phantom (how they chose these stupid names for shoes I'll never know). The company that makes them - or more likely designs them and out-sources the manufacturing to China - specialises in outdoor gear. This shoe is apparently designed for Parkour of all things.

Finally, for the first time ever in my entire life, me and my fiancée bought a new washing machine. For my entire adult life I've been using shitty top-loaders, acquired for free or nearly so. Here it is:
Our newest appliance
It's a super-efficient Bosch of some description. Deb loves to do the research on things like this, so I let her go for it. Once she picked a model, she found a place nearby that stocked it. We went there, looked at it for all of two minutes and bought it. They delivered that afternoon - on a Sunday! Talk about service!

And then of course we didn't actually need to do a load of washing for four days...!

My sister wanted to get us something for our impending baby, so she funded the purchase, thanks sis!

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That font actually looks awesome :D come to me, beautiful font!

Are you going to use cloth nappies, then?

Yeah, I really am unreasonably delighted about it. Every day I look at it and go "ooooo, look at those 0's! Look at those lower case L's..."

Not sure what we're doing for nappies, but babies do generate a lot of washing!!!!!!!!!

Re: It's a pretty

I just want a slash instead of a dot in the zero. Maybe I'll try and play around with it later - after all, it is open source!

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