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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Tom Fucking Watson
Agent Smith
(I should be doing homework, so this'll have to be brief!)

There is a very silly bunch of people called 5 Second Films who make, oddly enough, films that go for five seconds. They're a bit hit and miss, but at 5 seconds a pop, you're not wasting much time.

A while back they posted this:

And later this:

About "Tom Fucking Watson, Member for West Bromwich East". I found them hilarious.

Later I discovered there really was at Tom Watson, member of the Labour Party and of the British Parliament... for West Bromwich East. What kind of a name is that for an electorate???? And he wasn't someone they'd just made up for the sake of a silly short film.

He's been in the news a lot lately because of his pursuit of Rupert Murdoch - he's even published a book about the investigation called "Dial M for Murdoch". More power to him, that megalomaniac needs to be taken down.

Tom Watson, it transpires, is also on the twitters and many other social networking sites. I finally followed him on Twitter today (I strongly approve of his politics) and this happened:

He knows about 5 Second Films! A politician with a sense of humour!

(Here is the tweet in question).

So I've had a random day. Also: Vote 1 Tom Fucking Watson!