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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Public Enemy are Back
Some of you may remember this entry I posted about 18 months ago about a Public Enemy gig I went to. The brief summary: they can be a bit hit and miss, it really depends on which Public Enemy turns up - sometimes they can be incendiary, some nights they can be tedious.

They've been out here since that gig, and I didn't go.

A while back (2010?) I backed their new album on Sellaband. Said album has been released. And I'm suitably impressed.

This is the first song released from it (great video too):

There are some dud tracks on the album, but there are some really great one's as well - notably "Run Till It's Dark" and "Most of My Heroes STILL Don't Appear On No Stamp" (also the name of the album).

Here's hoping they play some of these tracks next time they tour, and I'll go see them again.

And here's a note of Stupid from me. I'd forgotten I'd get a copy of the album when I backed them on Sellaband, so I bought the album on iTunes. So now I have two digital copies of it. Ah well, happy to give them my money.

On a side note, Chuck D of PE was a graphic designer before he was a rapper. He still does their album covers (I believe). Here's a poster/print he did recently:
Chuck D Poster