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Heading to the Beach and Cooking A Bike Tire
Eight Bit
I'm on 'oliday. My father has been kind enough to buy a beach house, so we're bench testing it for him. We're in a tiny hamlet called Sandy Point, which is down near Wilson's Promontory.

We hauled a serious car load of stuff down here. The place is sparse at the moment, so we brought along what's turned out to be enough crockery and cutlery to serve dinner to a small army. Mind you my family is pretty large. We also hauled down a vacuum cleaner, a washing basket, an array of kitchen appliances, a ladder and... A whole pile of other crap! Going back my car is going to be a lot lighter...

The place has one large living area, which currently has about ten chairs scattered around it, and not much else! We need to source a couch at least.

The house is relatively new, my dad is only the second owner. And in some ways it's nicer than our place at home! For starters it has acres of cupboard space. Which, speaking as someone who has just spent three days clearing crap out of our house and trying to cram the remainder into space too small for it, I really envy. (Don't get me started on some of the other stuff we have at our place. Deb my partner, has a saddle stored in our living room!)

We brought our bikes down here, strapped into a rather unstable bike rack on the back of the car. The damn thing twisted around on the three-hour drive down. Which meant my front bike wheel ended up near the exhaust pipe, and the overheated inner tube burst! I'm lucky the front tire also wasn't cooked - it looks like the metal part of the wheel heated up the most. It also slightly melted the rim tape (which sits between the metal rim and the inner tube), which I'll need to replace. I might have to think about a new tire when I get back to Melbourne... and a new bike rack....

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Can I have the busted inner tube? :P

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