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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Belated Blogging: How I Got Engaged
Flaky Tree Friend
So I'm so behind in my blogging, that I have yet to relate the events that lead to me being engaged!

First off, some history.

How I Met Deb

It was the end of 2007, and I had nothing to do on New Year's Eve. I've often found NYE to be a bit of a drag, I've frequently had a not entirely fun evening. For example, I spent the end of 2006 in a Goth night club, where everyone was way too cool to actually count down to midnight. And then we had the train ride from hell home at 3AM...

So at the end of 2007, I called up my old friend Geoff, and he said "Borrow a bike and come on a ride to see some fireworks!" So I did. The meet-up for the ride was outside the museum, in the Carlton Gardens. Right about here.

Long story short, that's where I met Deb, although it was a good month later before we got involved.

(I've just been poking around my old LJ entries and found one that appears to have a picture of Deb the first night she stayed over. He he!)

Fast Forward to December 31st 2011

Somewhat secretly, I acquired a pair of Lego rings from somewhere. Simply googling "Lego Ring" turned up lots of places to buy them. Then I looked for a good time to ask the question. This took months, it never seemed to be quite the right time or place. I was looking for for a romantic moment, but they never seemed right. Finally I resolved to ask on our fourth anniversary. We were on our way to what turned out to be a great night with Amanda Palmer, and I "subtly" suggested to Deb that since it was the 4th anniversary of us meeting, we should go to the spot where we met and take a picture.

We parked ourselves on one of the cement bollards outside the IMAX and took some pictures:
Before Proposal
(Did I mention we were also all dressed up? Deb does this better than anyone with the exception possibly of RuPaul!)

And... I pulled from my pocket a Lego ring and handed it up to Deb. We had the following exchange:

Deb: What's this?
Me: It's a present!
Deb: What a lovely Lego ring!
Me: Well, it's a present and a question in the form of a present.
Deb: What do you mean?
Me: Well, what do men usually mean when they give a woman a ring?
Deb: Are you proposing????
Me: Yes!
Deb: Yes!
Me: Yes!
Deb: Yes!
Me: Wait... are you saying "yes I see your proposing" or "yes" to my proposal?
Deb: Yes!
Me: What, just like that? No if's or buts or...
Deb: What were you expecting?
Me: I don't know! Anything from a lecture about the patriarchy through to you running away screaming to a grudging acceptance with some caveats... Somehow this hadn't entered my mind as a possibility!

There followed a great deal of kissing... When who should ride up but Deb's ex Alex and his wife. They were looking for the now-traditional NYE bike ride that started from that spot - which was long departed. So... we got him to take a picture of us!

After Proposal 2

After that, I confess I spazzed out a bit. I wasn't quite expecting this outcome, Deb had stated a quite vehement dislike for marriage in the past. And then suddenly I was engaged!

Here's me spazzing:
Paul goes Spazz post proposal
(Note blue lipstick which Deb has transferred to my lips!)

After that we went off to see Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman over in Kensington, you can see the whole of our evening in this set of pictures.

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Well that's just fab, I knew the bullet points but it's nice to read the whole story! Love the photos, also!

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