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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Weird Dream, today featuring Stephen Hawking.
My brain is odd. I often have very weird dreams, lately they've usually been about trying to leave somewhere, then wondering why I took my old Subaru station wagon to Cambodia with me...

Last night's was the weirdest. I dreamed I was hanging out with Stephen Hawking. We were just doing stuff, not having any particularly illuminating conversations or anything.

We decided to head out somewhere, so I helped lever his (surprisingly light) wheel chair through the back door of a Z3 class tram (yes, I can tell you what kind of a tram it was because the dream was detailed and I'm dorky enough to know my tram models). As we travelled, lots more folks got on the tram, and I got squeezed away from where Stephen was parked. Eventually I got off the tram without him, then wondered where he'd gotten to on the tram network, and if we'd made plans to meet up somewhere.

My main concern was that he was out alone knowing nothing about the tram system, and not having a ticket!

So if you find a frail and lost physics professor out there, let me know...