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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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One More Amanda Picture
Badtz Maru
BTW, as is probably obvious, Amanda is heavy user of Twitter and the internets in general. This is way more interesting than some of my favourite bands who disappear for years at a time, giving no indications to their fans what they are up to or even when they're playing.

For example, one of my favourite bands, Snog, who hail from my home town, have a website that lists their tour dates from 2006 and have never had a mailing list. Even their myspace page hasn't been updated since last year.

Contrast this with Amanda Palmer, who must tweet at least 50 times a day, including pictures like this:
i am ready to face the day are you on Twitpic

She even retweeted me the other day (warning, this tweet contains a picture of my armpit!)

OK, that's enough pathetic fanboy for one day :-)