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My iPhone goes Walkies
A few weeks back I left my phone at home. This a very rare event, happening about once every five years. And of late I'm usually listening to music on it, so I'd notice if it wasn't on my belt!

Apple has this thing now called Find My iPhone, which tells you exactly where your phone is using it's GPS. Kind of creepy actually. I fired it up out of curiosity to see if it would tell that my phone was at home, it also lets you send messages so I was going to buzz it because Deb was at home.

I fired up the website, and my phone was.... On Nicholson Street heading south! I thought it was playing up, but no, it updated quickly with my phone heading further south. I decided much to my delight that Deb, who had the day off, was bringing it to my office... Until I realised she was past it already!

Eventually it stopped at RMIT. Ah, I thought, she's meeting her supervisor. Indeed I was right, and little while later I watched the phone icon moving towards my office, in fact I was about to track her arrival to our front door!

Best girlfriend ever!

Of course, she turned up at a moment of utter chaos. I hardly got to show her my collection of Nerf guns before I was snowed under with questions from other co-workers about work stuff. Still at least I was reunited with my phone ;-)


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