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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Mah New Job
Time I wrote about my new job, having been there... well, it'll be five weeks tomorrow. I'd better keep it polite - I believe the address of this blog was emailed around just before I arrived.

I can summaries it thus:
Beware nerds with guns!

Yes, they gave me a Nerf Gun on my first day. The smaller one - the big thing with the huge magazine I got on ebay! So occasionally during the day a rain of Nerf darts will go whizzing past, at which point one has to fire back! This did however lead to an amusing discussion about Nerf Etiquette - don't shot when people are on the phone, don't shoot clients when they come to visit :-)

Oh, you want to hear about the work? How odd! :-)

I've actually been enjoying it, I'm doing way more programming than I routinely did at Tabcorp. I thought I was a bit over programming, but it turns out I was over the protracted and obfuscated development processes that are probably typical of large companies. In some ways the new place is more professional and organised than the old place. I was saying this to my new co-workers (in fact, one of the managing directors) and he said "well, if we don't do stuff properly, we don't eat!"

Backing up a bit, I should explain where I work now! Redgum, a little software development company. And I mean little, there are at most ten people working there. They have oodles of work on, since I've been there I've worked on at least five projects. I'm also learning new stuff (XAML, Silverlight, WPF, VB.NET for those interested) which makes a pleasant change.

Anyway, it's getting late, better get me some sleep so I can rush there again in the morning :-)