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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Weekend
Drawing of a trike

Things I did on my weekend.

Went to an 8th birthday party. There were trampolines and and and party pies and and and honey joys!!!! One of the birthday girl's little friends was one of those little boys who likes to kick everyone. So he kicked me a fair bit.

Then I went and bought four hard drives. Total capacity: 7Tb!

Somewhere in there Deb made me watch the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Something about a large bitey sea creature...

On Sunday I was pushing Deb around in a wheelbarrow. I was about to tip her out on the front lawn when the census guy came by. He was most amused!

And I still have this awful cold. Looks like it is going to be around for three long weeks :-(

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