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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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The Three Week Long Cold
Catnip Cat macro
OK, looks like LJ is back... Seemed to disappear for me for a few days there.

I have another cold. This is the sixth or seventh (I've lost count!) I've had since December 2010. I seem to be sick more than I'm healthy lately. Serious, this is nearly one cold a month.

This one is a nasty virus that's going around - the Girlfriend had it so bad she took a whole week off work, and was coughing so bad she had to sleep in another bed so I could get some sleep.

And inevitably I caught said cold. I will insist on kissing my sick girlfriend won't I? It's been doing the rounds, everyone's had it, and it generally lasts three weeks. I'm into my second week, so I'm doing well to be almost well again. Almost.

One of the doctors I visited a few months back with one of my earlier colds told me that having a cold makes you more susceptible to another one later. It damages the membranes in your nose and throat, making it easier to acquire another virus. Great. Means I've probably got more colds to look forward to.

(And before anyone offers advice about what I should be taking, I'm on every relevant vitamin I can think of. Most of which I'm pissing straight out of my system!)