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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Need My Brain Examined: Another Weird Dream
Space Man
I should preface this story with two bits of info. First, I own a fair bit of Lego, and would indeed own far more if my finances allowed. Second, I spent four hours on Saturday playing some version of Halo on a XBox. This is about three more hours than I've ever played said game before. My hand-eye coordination is still crap, but that's another story.

So, in this particular weird dream, I was helping to colonise a planet. For some reason it had been decided to populate this planet entirely with Lego people, Lego buildings, Lego vehicles - basically the whole thing was like Lego Miniland! I was there with my girlfriend, both of us disguised as Lego figures... Man, I really need my head examined.

Most of the planet was one thriving Lego metropolis. And then, for some other arbitrary reason, it was decided to clear out the Lego colony - I suspect because they were no in fact alive as such, merely toys going through the motions.

So a destructive anti-Lego virus was created, and let loose. It seemed to work by spraying the constituent Lego bits in all directions. But it wasn't enough - Lego is hard to kill - so I had to create a Lego army. I made a few pattern figures and vehicles, all of them in the same shade of grey, and they were then made in huge quantities and let loose.

I was still wandering about in my Lego avatar. Somehow, I was summoned to Lego Laurie Anderson's house, to ask her to perform Oh Superman for us. Which she did. But it turned out this errand was in fact a trap set by my Lego ex-girlfriend and her mother! (Man, Freud would have a field day with this one...) A bomb went off nearby, and my Lego avatar was destroyed.

This is were the Halo part comes in. I had to wait a bit before I could respawn. I did so ankle-deep in water at a Lego beach resort. This wasn't so bad, except that then Lego Deb had to find me again, and I was worried about her. Plus the virus and the soldiers were getting close - Lego blocks were flying everywhere. This is were I woke up.

Please leave any detailed psychological analyses in the comments!!!!!
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