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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Damn Weird Dream
Catnip Cat macro
Lets see how much of this I can remember. I had this dream yesterday morning, so it's already fading fast.

Somehow, a peculiar deity (or cult or possibly both) had gotten a hold of me, and I had to show my loyalty with a small set of Lego pieces and a Lego baseboard. At regular intervals I was supposed to click the Lego blocks onto the baseboard in certain configurations - if I didn't, unspecified bad things would happen. I kept it by the window in my bedroom.

I resented this imposition after a while, and I started getting visits from two gentlemen in bowler hats and long raincoats, looking for all the world like they were from a Magritte painting. Their sole reprisal was to ask me why I wasn't doing the correct things with my Lego blocks...

Somehow the dream then moved on to a cafe somewhere, where there were a number of people who were possessed in some why. Not badly, or like zombies, just not themselves. Or themselves but modified somewhat. I was determined to work out what was going on, and quickly traced the cause. Not sure if this was the same cause as the Lego Deity mentioned above!

The thing that was possessing people was a glass jar. A very ordinary glass jar, media sized, with a missing screw top. Empty. The kind of thing you would have jam in. This jar, it turned out, had been possessing people for decades. It thought it was doing a good thing (er, it's not quite clear how it was explaining this to me...) since it only took hold of people who were at a low ebb, going through a rough patch. Damn, I thought, just like most religions!

I threatened to break the jar, and at that point all of the folks it had possessed started approaching me, a little bit menacingly but also a bit like they were about to mount a hug attack. I had a stern word with the jar, and it finally realised it had been doing a bad thing.

So as I walked along with it, it started to melt, starting from the screw top end. I held it upside down and flicked bits of it about as it melted. However, I discovered to my annoyance (that was all!) that all the people it had possessed were also melting!

What was that all about? I think I've been watching too much Doctor Who...
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