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My Amish Dad, Part Four: The Letter W.
Egad. Sometimes my dad solves his IT issues for himself. Sometimes his solutions just make me want to bang my head against a table!

My dad's computer at home is a Apple MacBook Pro, about three years or so old.

Dad: The "W" key on my computer fell off.
Me: Have you been writing George Bush's name too often?
Dad: No, it just fell off. But it's OK, I've fixed it now.
Me: [Somewhat dreading the answer I might get] Do I want to know how you fixed it?
Dad: Araldite!
Me: Araldite???
Dad: Yeah, there was a little plastic bit and a metal ring, so I glued it back on. And now it works again. Well mostly.
Me: What do you mean "mostly"?
Dad: Well, it stands up a bit from the other keys now.
Me: Does it at least create the letter "w" when you type on it???
Dad: Most of the time...

*slaps head*
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, my dad uses Araldite to fix everything. I remember when a shelf fell down in his old pantry years ago, and he somehow fashioned a huge lump of this stupid glue into a kind of structural member, holding two of the shelves together!
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