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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More From My Amish Dad
Eight Bit
Picture this: I was driving my car to pick up one of my little relatives to go on a little expedition (more on that later). My phone rings in my bluetooth earpiece. It's - who would have thunk it - my dad with a technology question!

He was out of town with his laptop. His wife was trying to read her Gmail on his laptop.

Dad: We can get onto the gmail website, but we can't log in.
Me: What do you mean you "can't log in"?
Dad: It's got someone else's email in the "username" box and we can't edit it!

Keep in mind - I don't use Gmail so I don't really remember what the gmail page looks like. So I'm going to have to diagnose it from a distance!

Me: Ok.... is there a button that says "Log out" or "Log in as a different user"?
Dad: There are no buttons at all... Except a big one that says "Create a new account".
Me: Ok..... can you read out some of the things that are around the login section?
Dad: There's a link that says "Can't access your account" and another that says "Sign in as a different user".
Me: That's it! Read it again!
Dad: "Sign in as a different user".
Me: Click on that one! Click on that one!
Dad: Ah that worked! You're a genius son [To his wife] What's your email address?
Wife (faintly): Ummm...
Me: It's "blahblah@mail.com"
Dad: Thanks son! [To his wife] Now what's your password?
Me: I know that at well, it's "**********"
Dad: Thanks son!

*slaps head* I suppose that at least since I set up said email address and know literally everything about their networks email addresses and so on comes in handy sometimes!
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