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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Week (well Eight Days actually)
Dancing Kitty
So, last Saturday, Feb 26th, we say Amanda Palmer at the Forum. Here's a video with AWFUL audio:

I do love this song however. As you can see, her "solo" shows often involve dozens of other performers... There were are at least fifteen people on stage by the end of this song, many of them in a state of undress!

We met, intentionally and unintentionally, four of our friends there. Including the famous Luna, who still refers to me as "housemate" even though we last shared a place in about 2003. She got to meet Deb (or as she referred to her, the invisible Deb) for the first time - pretty lame of me since we've been going out for three years!

Thursday night I dragged my carcass down to the Palais in St Kilda to see Primus and to my delight, The Melvins, who are also one of my favourite bands. They're also one of the loudest outfits I've heard. They've had two drummers for the last few years, which gives them quite a sound:

Primus were great, although they only played a few songs that I really knew - like many bands, I only really like about 20% of their output. I loved their stage set however! Two inflatable space men:
Primus on stage

Then, on Saturday I went to the the Airshow out at Avalon airport, and watched the planes heading out to bomb Geelong. Went with my friends Julie and Dave. Dave is a major aeroplane nut - he was delighted to spot the play he leaned to fly in at the airshow! This was probably one of the most impressive planes:

This is a transport plane for crying out loud!