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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Spam Spam Spam
Agent Smith
Hmmmm... I seem to be getting a lot of Spam comments on my livejournal of late... Any suggestions? Anyone else suffering the same problem?

On a related note, I only realised recently that Twitter and Livejournal were crossposting my inane twitter stream here. Sorry about that, I've switched it off now.

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Disable anonymous posting.

Also, I think there might be an option that says "only permit friends to reply to my posts." That should end it.

Trouble is, not everyone who reads my blog is actually on LJ, so on the off chance that they want to comment, they can't.

I've played with my settings a bit, should cut it down a little...

Yeah same, I have friends who don't have LJ accounts, and they post as "anonymous" It does mean I leave it open for them, and open for the spammers :(

You can set it to not display post by anonymous posters, until you have verified that they are real posts, not spam.

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