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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More from my (Should Be) Amish Dad.
Badtz Maru 2
You may recall I was threatening to foricably induct my dad into the Amish - keep him away from buttons, it's not safe!

I had another experience of why today.

My Dad: So, I've got these Norwegian Language CD's, and it says on them you can convert them into MP3s and listen to them anywhere.
Me: Yes, you can do that with any CD.
My Dad: Really?
Me: Yeah, I can show you how to do it on your Mac. You can do it with iTunes.
My Dad: OK then, so, my next question - do you have an MP3 player I could borrow so I can listen to them?
Me: Dad, give me your iPhone. You know you can play MP3's on this?
My Dad: You can?
Me: Yes, didn't you notice that they came with a set of headphones?
My Dad: They did? I suppose they did...

Eventually I got my hands on his iPhone and showed him iPod, which already had some songs in it - I must have popped them on there when I was first setting it up.

Me: See? And you can just listen to them.
My Dad: Really, and they're just there on my phone?

*slaps head*

The other exciting thing that happened to him was when I showed him Maps on his iPhone, and how it can show you where you are with a blue dot. He decided this could be quite helpful - he's only had the phone for about 12 months.

Oh, and he's also managed to take some pictures with his new camera, since he bought some storage for it. So his next question was how to get them onto his Mac. I pointed out that it had come with a USB cable that he just needs to pop one end in the mac and the other end in his camera and it should all just happen....

I should get paid for this...

He also bought a car today. Thankfully he called me a couple of times, and sent me a web link so I could make sure he was doing the right thing. And he did - a 2010 plated ex-demo diesel Volkswagen Golf. Yay!