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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Man Sewing
Agent Smith
So, I did some sewing this weekend. With a hammer! The button on my one pair of shorts fell off. Who sews a button onto shorts with thread?

It turned out I had proper jeans button, you know the metal rivet ones, in my collection of sewing stuff. Yes, I have a collection of sewing stuff! It had a button and the spiked back of the thing that had to be forced into it somehow. So I fished out my hammer and banged the two together through the cloth of my shorts!

This weekend we also managed to make it to the Cirus Oz Blue Show, a somewhat adults only circus in the Melba Spiegeltent in an obscure part of the Docklands. Actually, the whole of the Docklands is so obscure. A pile of new buildings with no character, and a pile of streets with no pedestrians...

It wasn't actually particularly risqué, aside from some amusing nudity and the odd swear word. Oh, and the two performers dressed as bogans. It was only on for twelve performances, and they all sold out, so sorry you might have missed it!

More to come...