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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Debt Free!
Through a lucky set of circumstances, I am debt-free for the first time in, well, a long time.

There was a period in November of 2008 when I owned no money to anyone. One morning, I paid the last few bucks off a loan I had (acquired, as I recall, as part of a break-up from a certain fiancée) and my credit card (or cards, I can't remember) all had a zero balance.

And then, just as I was celebrating paying off all my debts, my car died of old age. And I ended up borrowing a whack of money from my mother to get a new(er) one. The afternoon of the day I paid off all my debts, I popped into a Subaru dealership and bought a car!

I also ran up a considerable amount of debt on a number of credit cards during my trip around the world in 2009 - which I basically paid for on three cards, plus the minuscule amount of money I had actually saved. Going overseas for two months isn't cheap, I can tell you. When I got back I rolled it all into one personal loan. My bank told me that they'd actually pre-approved me for a loan of $35,000 if I'd just sign here - credit crunch? What credit crunch? I said thanks but no thanks, I didn't need that much cash!!!

So end the end I owed a fair bit of money, some of it a soft loan from my mother, but a lot of it a real loan from a real bank. It wasn't a lot - less than half of what I earn in a year - but it still was something of a pain to be paying off. And still probably more than tortoises made in the last couple of years ;-)

Then, much to my surprise, I recently inherited a fairly nice sum. My grandmother's estate was finally settled - she died at 97 early in 2009. The surprise part came because my dad forgot to tell me I was inheriting anything other than a great antique clock. So when he handed me the first of two cheques, I was pleasantly surprised!

So, for the first time except for about four hours in 2008, I owe no money! The first time, technically, since I started acquiring a HECS debt in 1992 - although didn't become "real" till I got a full time job in 1999 and had to start paying it back. Paid that all off finally in 2006.

All my accounts are now in positive territory, and maybe I can saving properly for... something! Money is always good to have :-)

And I plan to visit my grandmothers grave soon with some flowers. Roses probably, she liked roses.
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