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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Hanging With the Visitors
A number of times recently (well, twice in the last twelve months or so) I've had the chance to catch up with friends who are long-term residents overseas. It's becoming more common, as is them turning up with their partners and babies in tow!

Today it was my old friends (from RMIT back in about 1995 - yikes!) Luke and Laura, and their "new" child Kate. Kate who will always be a bit special since she was born on my birthday in 2009 :-)

We all went to the Zoo, which was an excellent idea to entertain the large number of toddlers who turned up. Er, and my girlfriend Deb who, in certain contexts, acts like a six year old. Usually at the Zoo or indeed when we both went a bit batshit at Legoland in the UK in 2009.

For the record: Meercats are cool. Sleeping Wombats are cute, and apparently I resemble one!

Back in April of what is last year now, Clive and Zoya came to visit with Katherine, their kid. She took a liking to me, and said the first complete sentence I've heard her say in English, which was "I like you!".

Jack and Polina (and their new baby Tim) will be in Melbourne in late Feb., so I'll be able to do this all again. They're the folks I stayed with in Berlin (hmmm... which I still haven't blogged about...) Jack is also Marvin the Bitey cat's original owner so they will have to catch up, and there can be patting!

I guess I've reached a Certain age where a) large numbers of people I know are living overseas and b) many of them are reproducing!