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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Nothing Says Christmas like Six Bags of Chicken Poo
Deb and Paul
So what turned into a four-day eating festival is over for another year - yay! I did acquire one cool present in the family Kris Kringle - a TARDIS Shaped mug! Someone did their research.

Christmas eve, we went to my dad's place and some twenty six people hoovered up a pile of food. The best bit being a Norwegian (or at least Scandinavian) dessert my cousin makes called Kransekake. It's basically sugar, almond meal and egg whites, formed into concentric rings and made into a small tower! Deb and I ate about two rings each :-)

On Christmas day itself, we slept in, then joined my sister, her husband and my niece down in Jan Jac, to hide from the whole event! Three atheists and a Jewish gentlemen just hanging out near the beach.
My Niece Eats My thong
My niece is at the age where everything she can lay her hands on goes straight into her gob. She got her hands on the thong I was wearing.... ah well, it'll do wonders for her immune system :-)

My Niece, My Sister and Me
And then we popped down to the beach!

I did bring them some presents - a bunch of driedels I acquired on a mad ride through St Kilda. The Jewish museum was all out - it's just after Hanukkah - so they directed me to a place called Golds World of Judaica, which it turned out was a warehouse for all things Jewish! And indeed they had a whole lot of different types of Driedels, so I bought a bunch.

My brother-in-law made us a dinner of a fried potato fritter thing, made from grated potato and onion, then deep fried. Tasty!

My mostly Geelong-based Dutch family (my mother's side) gets together on Boxing Day, for more traditional food - barbecued sausages! I was hoping for Poffertjes, but no such lucky. But I got a poffertjes pan as a present from Deb anyway, so I can make them whenever I want... if I can work out how!

On the way from Jan Juc to Geelong we went past a chicken farm which was selling bags of chook shit. Deb, being the mad keen gardener she is, loves good organic material, so we stopped an put six bags of the shit in the back of the car - a total of about 100 kilos of poo! The car took on an interesting smell. And then we parked it for nearly three hours outside my uncle's place in Geelong... We drove all the way home with the windows open!

And on Monday Deb's brother and her fiancée came over and we had waffles - just what I needed, more yummy food.

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I've always wondered - how are you supposed to pronounce poffertjes?

I have NO IDEA how one pronounces poffertjes. I mean, I could probably say it in Real Life for you, my rendering it in text... Possibly "Pof-fert-tee-gees"??? Lets just go with "Dutch Pancakes" ;-)

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