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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Drawing of a trike
  • Sun, 12:22: Reading the weather forecast for tomorrow. 50km/h winds and intermittent rain.... Don't think I'll ride to work tomorrow!!! #bikes
  • Sun, 14:37: RT @alyankovic: FINALLY somebody has combined the Satanic imagery of @RWZombie with the tasty goodness of coffee. http://j.mp/envu8f
  • Mon, 09:06: Brought in some #Lego #minifigs to mah office. These ones are special - I got them at Legoland :-)
  • Mon, 09:07: And my new pen has a floating Dalek in it! Dalek goes up, Dalek goes down, Dalek goes up....
  • Mon, 09:09: RT @The_No_Show: Took daughter to Three Little Pigs panto today. She actively encouraged the wolf and told him where to find the pigs. O ...
  • Mon, 09:43: Hey @Jedi_Amara, still interested in Bedroom Philosopher tomorrow night?
  • Mon, 10:08: Oh no... Captain #Beefheart died a few days back... Might be time to give Trout Mask Replica another listen.
  • Mon, 10:10: Also gotta respect Captain #Beefheart, he quit music in 1982 to paint, felt he had nothing left to say. So many others should do the same!!
  • Mon, 10:20: Oooooooo... Melbourne #Lego Brickvention is on Jan 15th-16th! Registering now!!!!