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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Long Weekend
Hey Kids,

Man, I had a long weekend. Friday night I ended up eating barbecued Goat sausage on the roof of a building in Southgate - as you do. And showing off my very bright green laser pointer. I'd taken it to work to use in a presentation, where it was so bright it dazzled the folks in the audience!

The sunset from the rood of said building:
The view from where I spent my evening.  on Twitpic
(Clicky clicky on the piccy for a bigger verion :-)

One of my (now ex) cow-orkers was having going away drinks - even though it's not clear when exactly he is going away. Sounded like he was shipping out to Hong Kong for six months with about three days notice! Strange job he has there...

Saturday.... Actually, Saturday deserves it's own entry, I will have a hack at it soon. It did involve a very long bike ride...