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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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And Now In Music News....
Dancing Kitty
Lots of excellent music on in the next few months (well, depending on your taste).

(Despite appearance's, TISM are not likely to appear. Also if the camera were to move a little bit to the right, you'd see me at this gig!)

Tomorrow night (Saturday 27th) I'm off to the Punters Club Reunion show.

December 29th, Public Enemy are playing at the Corner (of all places). Saw them a couple of years ago, and they kicked arse it must be said. Hopefully they haven't got any older since then ;-)

January 12th (which is my little brother's 25th birthday - oops) The Necks are playing the corner - complete with seating! Yay! The Necks are a long standing improvisational Jazz band, for want of a better description. They come to Melbourne every summer, and I go see them when they do :-)

March 3rd 2011, Primus are playing the Palais with The Melvins as support! And damn it, Rob Zombie is playing a Soundwave side show the same night.... Blast!

I do however have tickets (in the mail) for Weird Al Yankovic on March 23rd. Looking forward to that one - when I saw him in 2007, the audience was 98% smelly nerds ;-)

And finally, I also missed out on tickets to Kyuss because a) I didn't know they'd gotten back together and b) I didn't know they were touring ;-) Found out only hours after tickets went on sale, by which time they'd already sold out... Maybe I could fly to Sydney for the show on the 7th of March... ;-)