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  • Wed, 12:39: Man, there was a lot of news yesterday. Shelling in Korea, mine disaster in New Zealand, massive drug bust in Victoria. Slow news day NOT.
  • Wed, 14:25: Dear more informed #Nerds than me: What is a #Firesheep? And more importantly, can I get them in plushy form! ;-)
  • Wed, 17:16: Hey all, Saturday is international Buy Nothing Day: #BND Back in 2004 I spent the day cutting up credit cards!
  • Wed, 19:36: Leaving this #Bogan- themed work do before things get completely out of hand!
  • Wed, 19:38: Also trying to ride home before the rain starts again. Radar looks promising.... :-)
  • Wed, 21:39: RT @frabjousday: this thumb drive is under $10. My first cost over $100 and held 1/8th of the data
  • Thu, 09:49: Hey #Bike types, more interesting load carrying bikes:
  • Thu, 10:23: 4chan is well and truly blocked at my office: "Violence/Hate/Racism;Pornography;Open/Mixed Content;Newsgroups/Forums"!!!! o_O
  • Thu, 10:23: Must... resist... urge... to... buy... cargo... bike... frame.... #bikes
  • Thu, 10:33: Hey.... I recognise some people here: "25 Reviewers Announced – Telstra Windows Phone 7 Social Review"


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