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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Weird Dream Again
Catnip Cat macro
(I promise to create an entry about something other than my weird dreams. At this exact moment I'm supposed to be studying... shhhhh! ;-)

OK, so, the dream. I was at a party at a house I used to live in, and for some reason, we decided to invoke the ghost of Phar Lap. Which, strangely, worked. I went outside, and there was Phar Lap's ghost - except he'd appeared as a tiny tiny pony, barely knee high, and brown and white. Not unlike a tiny horse I met earlier this year, of which I can't now find a photo.

Said tiny pony then popped into a nearby cupboard, and came out as a slightly larger, but still tiny, horse. More like a miniature white fat bellied Shetland pony... only with scary black alien eyes. And a tiny rider who I couldn't quite make out.

I then peppered them with questions about which horse was going to win the Melbourne cup. They could only give me cryptic answers which I couldn't quite make out. Then I realised that I was too late and the cup was already over, so I gave up on them!

Later, possibly in the same dream, I was visiting a film studio in Eastern Europe. My brain is odd.

Now back to studying....