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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

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Shit. A bit annoyed about the Federal Election
It's Time!
I'm probably not alone in this, but I'm a big hacked off about the result of the federal election...

Not sure who is to blame for this mess, although Bill Shorten and the other "Factional Heavyweights" spring to mind. If the ALP had not paniced, bided it's time till as late as December - with Kevin Rudd still as prime minister - I think the result would have been greatly different.

Some good has come of it, one of my least favourite people in the world, Wilson Tuckey, has been turfed out of his seat in WA. And that bumbling prat from Family First, the loopy Stephen Fielding, has been given the boot from the senate.

But that's about it by way of good news. A freakin' DLP candidate has snuck into the senate in Victoria. I'm also not too pleased about the seat of Melbourne falling to the Greens. Although I was more attached to the previous member, Lindsay Tanner, who was a rare decent bloke in the parliament.

I was a scrutineer at a booth in Preston, which was interesting. And probably worthy of an entry of it's own.

Anyway, I'm going to have to not read the news for about a week until this stupid thing is properly resolved.

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Yes, the news has been highly annoying of late.
some of the commentators were saying they thought that with K-Rudd at the helm labor would have lost, clearly.

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