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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Hey Presto, the Girlfriend's Horse
Agent Smith
Presto and Deb again

Deb's horse, Hey Presto (who I keep calling a pony - he's a small horse but not that small) is not well, as previously noted. Blood tests taken by the vet indicate he doesn't have a condition that is treatable, and likely has a brain tumour. So Deb has made an appointment to have him put down in about two weeks.... :-(

He's been deteriorating progressively for a few months now. It started when Deb tried to ride him earlier this year, and he wouldn't stop properly or turn left. She thought it was wilful, but her riding teacher came out to check him out and couldn't get him to remember anything at all. Later the vet checked him out, and noted that he was losing vision in his right eye - which is consistent with him having a tumour on his left side, and hence not having much coordination on that side.

He's got even worse in the last few weeks. He's having difficultly eating. We'll give him a pile of hay, and he'll walk up to it, and miss it. He knows there's something there he's supposed to be doing, but he can't quite aim for it and when he does stop, he can only really eat hay that's on his left side. So he's slowly losing weight.

I don't see him very often, but even I can see the difference in him. A year or two back, he'd get all excited when we turned up, he'd come trotting up the paddock when we arrived, snorting happily. Then gently head-butting to see if we had carrots or an apple for him - and trotting off if he wasn't happy with the treats we provided.

Now, he acts almost as if he's drunk. He's clearly disoriented, and stumbles about, often circling to the left. It's really sad to watch, like seeing an aging relative not really knowing where they are...

A couple of weekends ago, I took my rather nice Pentax SLR (yes, a film camera) and some black and white film out there to take some final pictures of him, and of him with Deb. I'm actually very pleased with how the pictures came out - see them here on flickr. This is why I still have a film camera and still take actually photos!

Deb is visiting him every day, and I'll be off to see him again this weekend.

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I'm really sad about this. I'm so glad you got such great photos.

Yeah, poor horse is really groggy these days.

Very very well documented horse though. I'm going to get more of that 400 ISO B&W film.

I'm sorry that Deb's had to make a hard decision, and that Presto's struggling.
They are beautiful pictures though.

Yeah, it's more than just a pet - a horse is more like a memebr of the family. I do have to go cuddle my cat now...

Very pleased I got such great photos though.

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