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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Pink Hair
Orange Hair
This Sunday I ended up at a kids birthday party. Some friends of Deb's have twin boys who were turning three.

Kids are hilarious. The two boys involved are into trucks, Bob the Builder, and umbrellas and all things pink! They even insisted they get their toenails painted the same color as their mother. So there were pink birthday cakes, pink bunting and pink hair spray. So for a few hours my hair was pink. And... I've just noticed... so is a patch of the sofa where I was sitting last night.

There were also loads of kids at this party - no surprise really. In fact, apart from the grandparents, Deb and I were the only one's who didn't have kids in tow.

I had a hilarious conversation with a six year old girl. It went something like this:
Little girl: So do you have kids who go to school?
Me: I don't have any kids at all!
Little girl: [incredulous look] ...well, do you at least have a wife?
Me: No... but I have a girlfriend [pointed at Deb who was barbecuing]
Little girl: So why aren't you married?
Me: Um, well, we've been going out for two years, does that count?
Little girl: No, you should be married!
Me: I think I'll let Deb field this question...

I'm guessing she just assumes all adults have children, and a married. Not sure where that second part comes from!

Later I ended up being handed a baby. The lady who handed it to me didn't know who it belonged to or it's name or even it's gender! I wandered around and asked if anyone could identify it... Turned out to be a boy who belonged to a couple who were going on tour of the newly renovated house. So I had to give it back :-)

And thankfully the pink hair dye washed out...
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