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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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George Lucas has a lot to answer for....
The other night, I wasted two hours of my life watching something called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", a CGI animated movie which is not to be confused with the two television series of the same name. Actually, it looks like it was produced as an introduction to the later of said TV shows.

I really can't complain, though. I new it was going to be crap, but when I was going through the movies we have lying around my house, it was the least challenging and the least dark. What is up with us - lots of Coen Brother's movies, some film noir, the odd Tarantino movie... some documentaries... So of this lot, seeing as I was tired and at the end of three days of sick leave, it seemed the best option!

Gah. Why can't these people at least hire a decent script writer. The dialogue in this film - and indeed the last three Star Wars movies - has been wooden and unimaginative. "It is all going according to plan." is about the only line I can remember, because it was said about five times.

As for the plot... Well, It think it was about some Jedi rescuing a baby Hutt whilst there was some counter-plotting by various of their enemies. My confusion wasn't helped because I couldn't place when it was happening - that Anakin Skywalker still appeared to not be evil, there were robots fighting clones (stormtroopers) but not on the sides I expected them to be on... The Clones seemed to be friends with the Jedi, as was the emperor or whoever he is... Obviously the three movies made in the last ten years or so didn't sink in at all! I'd go read up on the goings on in the Star Wars universe, except I can't be bothered!

All in all, it was not unlike watching several other people play a video game...