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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Misplaced Japanese Postcard: Is this For You?
Flaky Tree Friend
Just before Christmas, we got this beautiful card (postcard?) from Japan, for one of the previous residents of our house.
Postcard from Japan Front
Postcard from Japan (back)

Anyone out there speak (or read) Japanese?

It's addressed to a "Mrs. Mihori Sotharand", and looks like it's a custom card made by the rather cute family on the front. One of those "family christmas cards" some folks make.

It'd be ace if it's intended recipient saw this! Pass on the word!

Looking at it again, it's got a return address, perhaps I should just send it home... :-(

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post it in a forum - someone will know!

It looks suspiciously similar to the American tradition of sending Holiday Photo Cards at Christmas


It definitely looks like one of those "Family news" type cards.

Hi Paul, This is Naree from London. Saw this on Facebook.

Looks like a custom made New Year Greetings card from a family.
The handwritten message says, "How are you? (These) two have grown up!"
and I am guessing that two are referring to the kids in the picture.

Hope this helped.

Ah cool, someone who can read Japanese! Wait, I know a few folks who can... I should spread the word...

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