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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Jan Juc and the Niece
I'm currently down at a little town called Jan Juc (which for all intents and purposes is a suburb of Torquay these days) on the coast just past Geelong.

My sister and her husband and my new-born niece Baby X - OK, so her name is Naomi now - have set up home here. It's a long story, they needed an affordable furnished place to rent, of which there are few, possibly zero, in Melbourne. On the other hand, there are lots of beach and holiday houses down this way, so they decided to set up beside the seaside.

My sister and her husband are itinerant, having not lived in one country for more than two years. In fact they met in Afghanistan. So when they had to setting in a first world country for the birth of their first child, they ended up here.

We're here for the long weekend, which was a lucky coincidence of timing - this was when the house was (relatively) free of other visitors.

Having said that, a gaggle of no less than five other relatives have just left, during a downpour!

My niece is very cute. She's not quite a month old, so she's still in the eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping phase. She sleeps up to 17 hours a day! Babies are funny, they like being reminded of being in the womb, so they like being wrapped up tight and with lots of ambient noise. The radio tuned to static for example. Not to mention our awful singing. Old McDonald had a farm, apparently...!