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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I am an Uncle!!!!
My heavily pregnant sister finally had her baby yesterday (Tuesday the 9th at about 7.10PM). Well, when I say "finally" it was actually bang on time - she was quoted a due date of the 8th by one doctor and the 10th by another. So that averages out to the 9th :-)

So I am an uncle to a niece, who, last I heard, was nameless. I am therefore referring to her as "Baby X", and will demand that she calls me "Benevolent Uncle Paul".

I have utterly failed to set eyes on this baby, now over 24 hours old. I tried to visit tonight without success - once I worked out that my entire family weren't answering their mobiles because they were all at the hospital, visiting hours were over.

OK, I've just got an update from my little brother, henceforth to be known as Uncle Tim. Apparently Baby X has had some trouble feeding, and was popped into intensive care. Said trouble is now past, and she is eating like the hungry little thing she probably is. So she'll be out of intensive care tomorrow morning (Thursday) and my sister and said baby will be out of hospital on Friday morning it sounds like.

My family continues to grow... I'd have to really thing how many members it now has....
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