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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Loud Loud Loud
Dancing Kitty
The other night I made it to a gig for the first time in ages. The What Is Music festival made one of it's infrequent appearances here. Most festivals seem to have a schedule, yearly or biannually or whatever. What is music seems to occur more or less at random. Every eighteen months or two years or just whenever the organisers feel like it.

The session I made it to was at the East Brunswick.

I'm actually not entirely sure who I saw, aside from Oren Ambarchi and Matt Skitz, mostly because I recognise Oren from WIM? festivals going back at least a decade. He was in a band called Phlegm many years ago. When I showed up a guy was playing a set of pedals and other odd bits and pieces so vigorously he ended up breaking something over his head, and then bleeding.

Oren Ambarchi and Matt Skitz where on next. The Matt character is a short manic drummer, who played a twin-bass drum kit like he was possessed. Oren was basically doing perverted things to a Gibson Les Paul, to make it make oodles of noise. Luckily I'd bought some earplugs, because it was so loud my corneas where vibrating so much I could hardly focus! The rest of my body was humming a bit to - something like how I imagine a Sunn O))) concert would be. I like a good loud gig :-)

The other acts seemed mostly to be guys playing laptops, which I don't have much patience for. I get to see people sitting at laptops all day in my office... Not really exciting to see at a gig... Ah well.