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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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High School 20th Anniversary
Magritte's Pipe
A couple of weeks back I went to a 20th anniversary high school reunion. (In other words, I finished school not long after tortoises was born o_O

It was a bit of an odd event, since it wasn't for Balwyn High School, where I did year 12, but Greythorn High School, where I did year seven and eight, before switching schools. In other words, I was there in 1984 and 1985! So I hadn't seen most of these folks in roughly twenty four years. In fact, as it turned out, many of them I'd never met - they'd started at the school after I had left.

Greythorn wasn't much of a school, truth be told. Mind you I hated all the schools I went to for one reason or another. My parents pulled me out of it at the end of 1985 to put me into Balwyn High School, which was considered to have a better academic record. Probably true - it's certainly a school that thinks highly of itself. Greythorn, on the other hand, was demolished in the mid nineties! And replaced with a shitty series of town houses.

Anyway, the reunion was full of people, some of whom I dimly remembered. Some of them dimly remembered be too, which must have been a challenge. Back in those days I had freckles, buck teeth, no glasses and curly blonde hair... I chatted to one interesting dude who claimed to remember me, he works as a journo at the ABC, sounded like an interesting guy. And to some other odd folks - like the drunk guy with the biker beard who told me all about the "doof" parties he organised out in the bush.

I didn't stay long. There was one women I was hoping to see, Georgia Plain (Plane?), because I had a crush on her back in the day... Of course she wasn't there. I did chat briefly to another women who I actually remembered from Balwyn High. Daina(sp?)... We chatted about a number of folks from said school... And then I buggered off to another party.

If anyone at Balwyn High School has organised a reunion, I haven't heard about it. I somewhat doubt that anyone has bothered. And frankly given how poorly I remember people it would probably be a waste of time... Not to mention the Facebook Factor - people from high school can and do find me there.
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