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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Bike Love
My poor Ninja Bike is not well. Thus reminding me that bikes need almost constant maintenance... Unlike my car, which is sufficiently new and well looked after that I have literally never lifted the bonnet and wouldn't even know how to refill the windscreen washer water.

Ah yes, my bike. I took it to the Bike Doctor about a week ago because I broke (another) spoke on the back wheel, and it needed a service anyway. I got it back and it rode funny, which I eventually traced to the rear tyre having a couple of largish lumps in it. Well, not lumps as such, more that the tire was not round. It also looked like the wheel wasn't "true", that some of the spokes weren't tensioned correctly.

We dragged the offending wheel back to the store today, and showed it to them. They pretty quickly demonstrated that the wheel rim itself has flat spots on it, and is, in other words, buggered and needs replacing.

The bike it only eighteen months old, but apparently this is pretty common with bikes that get ridden a lot - commuters like me in other words. It probably doesn't help that my bike is relatively heavy, that I am *cough* relatively heavy, and that I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my panniers... And then ride as fast as possible, sometimes on not particularly flat surfaces.

Plus, I have ridden roughly 1700 kilometres since Australia day, that being when I installed my bike computer.

So, I guess it's time to learnt how to repair a bike... Which is a greasy business to say the least!

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You will need a truing stand, a spoke wrench or two and the patience of a mountain.

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