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Bad Kitty
Catnip Cat macro
In the last day, Marvin the bitey cat has been up to mischief.

Yesterday, I thought he was looking a bit miserable and discombobulated, so I picked him up to give him a cuddle. He rewarded my by sinking his teeth into my arm - man, he has a big jaw! His two top fangs dug two short grooves which then dripped blood... Thanks kitty :-/

Tonight he got into a huge loud fight with the neighbours cat. He ran home with the neighbour looking over the fence at him, with his tail all puffed up. He's a big angry cat and usually wins his battles, so there must be a huge cat next door! Patting him later, I found the end of another cats claw stuck in his hair... Poor (yet bad) kitty. I guess he has to carve out a territory...


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