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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Baby Epidemic
Crikey. Seems there's a bit of a baby epidemic going on amongst my people. My "little" sister is due to squeeze out a niece or nephew for me in February. My friends Luke and Laura had a baby girl - on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now my peps in Berlin, Jack and Polina, are having a baby in May of next year.

I feel a bit left out :-)

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avoiding the baby epidemic is good in my books
far more fun to be the aunt/uncle :)

congrats to ure sis!

Well.... It's not the same... Although I do plan to be a benevolent and indulgent uncle. Teach the tacker some, er, something.

My family keeps getting huger. My cousin had a kid about two months ago.

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