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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Of International Space Stations and NoHo
Back in May, I was in New York, as regular readers of my livejournal will be aware. Anyway, I was twittering vigorously whilst I was there - you know "I'm on top of the Empire State Building" and the like.

My preferred Iphone twitter client is something called Echofon, which includes a bit where you can set your geographical location via GPS. The last time I did this was... on a footpath on Lafayette Street in the "NoHo" district of New York! Whilst I was on my way to see a band called the Wet Spots at a venue called "Joe's Pub".

Anyway, I've left that as my location, because it amuses me to remember being in NY, and that evening.

Which wouldn't be a problem... Until I discovered the Twisst feed on Twitter. Basically, it uses one's twitter location to tell you when the International Space Station will be overhead. The ISS is huge these days, and quite bright, so it makes for interesting celestial viewing...

So I face a dilemma - do I still pretend I'm in New York, or do I put in my real location so I can see the space station???? Or should I just stop my worrying and get on with my life :-)

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You can keep you NYC GPS location, and check the ISS sitings on the NASA space sightings page :)

This week it is visible Saturday through Tuesday, at varying times between 8pm and 9:30pm.

Well, yes, but that would involve actively looking the sightings up. The joy of Twitter is that it comes to you!

I look up that site once in a while, around dusk, and a few times it has let me know that the ISS would be overhead in an hour or so, so I've seen it quite a few times now :)

I showed it to my Girlfriend the other day. She was most impressed.

Not bad for US$120 Billion :-)

Speaking of the ISS, check out these messages from Mission Commander Lt. Col. AJ Tucker. They seem too hilarious to be for real, they're funny regardless.

The NASA Young Astronauts Outreach Program's Space Newz Bulletin is a regular update about space news written by real NASA astronauts for grade school students across the United States. Several of these updates have been written by ISS Mission Commander Lt. Col. AJ Tucker. After careful review, NASA has decided not to release these bulletins to the schools participating in the YAOP. Lt. Col. AJ Tucker is currently mission commander, but is the subject of an internal NASA psychological evaluation. He has been warned repeatedly about his use of inappropriate language.

I Am the Number One Astronaut
The Moon's Luck Just Ran Out
Happy Halloween from the ISS!

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